Burner Management and Flare Stack Ignition Systems

ACL Manufacturing Inc. is a privately owned Canadian based company who has been leading the way in safe and reliable industrial burner systems for the Oil and Gas Industry since 1991.

Through years of experience, ACL has been an innovator in providing safe and reliable control equipment for industrial heaters, incinerators and flare ignition systems. ACL’s background in the instrumentation and electrical field has allowed us to provide combustion solutions for some of the most difficult and unusual applications. From developing the first CSA combustion safety controls for hazardous locations, to patenting the most efficient burners in the industry, ACL has become the “go to“ company for addressing difficult applications.

ACL has always kept safety and reliability in the forefront while achieving great success increasing environmentally conscious products. With our strong team of professionals, we are continually creating new products to serve our growing industry while keeping to our strong values of safety, reliability and the environment.

ACL currently has operations in both Canada and the United States and is recognized worldwide for its safety, quality and performance.